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Increased student acquisition and branding.


Our client, a Singaporean based education institute in Sri Lanka was battling with poor online brand visibility that led to poor conversions. The very fact that the client was quite unaware of the market dynamics of the local market made it beyond impossible to tailor a relevant marketing strategy and resulted in the excessive expenditure on offline media outlets that offered no results. Our challenge was to first make the client understand the local dynamics, and why digital is the better choice over the others.

  • Low visibility and brand awareness -the brand was almost unknown in the market
  • Inconsistent content strategy – the brand lacked a proper brand guideline and thus there was immense inconsistency
  • Excessive ad spend on other media to no avail
  • Ad spend on digital garnered – No leads/conversions

What we did

  • Re-designed the overall marketing strategy
  • Re-allocated 80% of budgets to digital marketing
  • Optimized ads, visual appearance of the brand online
  • Installed a social media brand guide
  • Implemented a content strategy
  • Utilized data for lead generation campaigns
  • Automation of all marketing campaigns
  • Chatbot integration



  • Increased leads generation by a massive 76%
  • Increased conversion rates by a massive 18%
  • Brand awareness increased by 180%

2020 January

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