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Fashion - How Online Optimization Led To Offline Sales

‘’We instantly saw the growth of our brand from the very first month we onboarded Northwood. From ads, to visualization to performance and overall, the brand evolved. We are now in Global markets because Northwood was able to show us our potential.’’

Director – Island Nation Clothing


A leading fashion store based in Sri Lanka catering to the female market was inhabited by a few unique but impactful roadblocks. Some of the biggest challenges faced by the client was poor online branding that led to fewer sales both online and in-store. We were challenged to uplift their brand through total digital transformation and by visually transforming their store.

Client had several roadblocks in achieving its required marketing mileage and sales.

  • Low instore footfall
  • Low brand awareness
  • Absence of digital presence
  • Poor online sale performance

Using data and analytics we were able to not just digitally transform but also completely revamp their store. Their store took a completely new look, and we were able to optimize store space better for sales.  Further, we integrated AI to help the brand flourish digitally.

  • In-store optimization
  • Website integration
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • Automation of the entire process

To be able to transform their brand we utilized a unique combination of expertise and services. These are;

  • Visual merchandizing backed by data driven decisions
  • Digital Marketing optimization
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Digital Marketing & Visual Merchandizing


2019 September

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